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As a child I felt at home in the forest, near the sea, on the lakes, in the mountains. I was fortunate growing up near the forest and having adventurous parents.

As a child I felt at home near art. I grew up observing, wondering and dreaming about shapes, textures, colours, music and stories. I was fortunate growing up seeing and listening to the work of many great artists.

Art and nature stayed with me and surfaced in the educational, professional and personal choices I made in the years following my childhood. During these years my creative drive became more and more urgent and visible. The stories of nature eventually gave me a fertile homebase from where to explore my creative work. Shortly after, coaching others to explore their creative identity, came naturally.

 All this resulted in the founding of Rootfolk:

Rootfolk creates, inspires and connects, with the beauty and wisdom of nature as a starting point. She does this by creating and sharing visual stories from nature in ceramics and by coaching people to explore their creative nature.

Now, that I know my mission, I understand that every choice I made during the years, fed my underlying talent by learning and experiencing the essentials that are required to professionally do my work as an artist, designer, coach and lecturer.

I collected these essentials during my education at universities in Rotterdam and London, design schools, creative masterclasses and 25 years of work experience in both directing creative leadership roles and design based projects in various creative environments. These include several art organizations, a media company, an interior design company and as a lecturer and coach Product Design at the University of Applied Science Amsterdam. The last 9 years, as a creative entrepreneur, I am continuously enriching the essentials by additional education and taking on new professional challenges.

Feel free to contact me and look at my collection and School of Creativity