creative coaching

‘I am what I do with my hands’  Louise  Bourgeois

How do you get back in touch with your creative essence?

How do you translate this essence to a creative company or new creative challenges within your existing company?

How do you develop your creative essence to your own recognizable style in products and collections?

Designer and creative coach Margot Kat works from the nature and drive of people. Over the past 20 years she has worked in both guiding and directing creative leadership roles in various creative environments. Ranging from art institutions, galleries, media companies, interior brands and the last five years as an independent creative entrepreneur. From September 2014 she is also a lecturer and creative coach in Product Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This has yielded a wealth of experience in all kinds of creative processes. Based on this experience and continuous study of the visions of ancient and modern wisdom of great thinkers, Margot created various programs on ‘Creative Essence’.

Over the years, Margot has increasingly realized that her mission lies in connecting nature, man and creation. This has taken shape in her collections and coaching people to their creative essence and the development of insights into creative projects and enterprises. Margot believes that with the right energy and focus, anything that comes from your heart and intuition will flourish. Her goal is to research, find, nurture and cherish the essence of creativity and shaping it in its right form.

To get to your creative essence we work from your nature, your passion and intuition. You do research, analyze, work on your vision, concept, do style research and design. Marketing, branding and projectplanning will also be discussed. Images activate the creative mind. This will therefore be the foundation on which we reflect.

The coaching is offered in group or individual sessions that follow the same program. In the individual sessions you get more personal attention and you decide the pace of your process. In the group sessions, you will also learn from other participants and exchange experiences. In addition, you will stay more tuned to your process, as you see each other at fixed times. Both individual and group sessions are always personal and get color from your specific questions and the intensity with which you use your creative energy. The sessions are a combination of conversation, reflection and knowledge transfer. In between sessions you work independently on assignments that you formulated together at the end of the sessions.

Margot is working with creative entrepreneurs who have already reached a certain level, but need coaching in taking new steps. She also works with creative professionals who aspire to a creative enterprise. Developing a personal style, idiom or signature is often an important first step. Margot coaches people in each creative discipline. Finally Margot teaches Product Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences where she coaches young people on how to connect to their creativity and translate this into concepts and products.

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