creative coaching

How do you get back in touch with your creative essence?

How do you translate this essence to a creative company or new creative challenges within your existing company?

How do you develop your creative essence to your own recognizable style in products and collections?

Over the years, creative coach Margot Kat has increasingly realized that her mission lies in connecting nature, man and creation. This has taken shape in her collections and coaching people to their creative essence and the development of insights into creative projects and enterprises.

After her studies, she worked 22 years in both directing creative leadership roles and on design based projects in various creative environments. Ranging from art institutions, galleries, media companies, interior brands and the last seven years as an independent creative entrepreneur. In 2017 she took a temporary working period in Suriname. The two years before that, she worked as a lecturer and creative coach Product Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

This has yielded a wealth of experience in all kinds of creative processes. Based on this experience and her continuous study, Margot created various programs on ‘Creative Essence’.

The creative coaching program focuses on creative professionals who aspire a creative enterprise. Developing a personal style, idiom or signature is an important first step. To get to your creative essence we work from your nature, passion and intuition. You do research, analyze, work on your vision, concept, do style research and design. Branding is also part of the program.

As peer-to-peer intervision is an important part of the sessions, the coaching program is offered in a group with a minimum of three people. The sessions are always personal and get color from your specific questions and the intensity with which you use your creative energy. In between sessions you work independently on assignments that we formulate together.

Individual coaching sessions can be discussed.