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My mission lies in connecting people and creation, as creator and coach. Rootfolk is my homebase.

Rootfolk creates, inspires and connects, with the beauty and wisdom of nature as a starting point. She does this by creating and sharing visual stories from nature in ceramics and by coaching people to explore their creative nature.

Courses and retreats Creative Identity

To explore your creative potential I organise courses and retreats on Creative Identity. Who are you as a creative person? What’s your story and what are your ways of expressing that?

You will concentrate on what & why by extensively researching what inspires and motivates you. Step by step you narrow down your visual research and bring clarity to your own creative views. Finally you will translate your views into original ideas for projects in your own ‘signature’.

Goal is to understand your own creative process. In terms of subjects, but also what steps you need to take to get where you want to be.

The courses and retreats are interesting for:

– Creative professionals who want to work on a clear and personal signature or want to recalibrate their creative path

– Individuals who want to explore their creative potential

– Anyone interested in personal development from a right-brain angle

Courses and retreats  Creative Branding

If you want to market your creative project, I offer a follow-up course on Creative Branding. How to translate your creative identity into a brand. The branding has to fit your story, your products or service. In this course you translate your story into core values and their visualisation. Put together in a brandbook which you can use for various communication tools.

Creative Coaching

The courses and retreats are based on a carefully composed coaching program in small groups. Individual coaching on specific subjects is also possible.

Higher education & companies

Courses & retreats can be made suitable for programs in higher education and change or personal development programs in companies.

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