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Nature’s textures, shapes and colors and the desire to share this wealth with others, has inspired Margot to create art objects and tableware collections. She brings a sense of natural beauty in everyday life. Earth, plants and trees are her field of work.

Margot is guided by the movements and textures of Roots, the warm and flowing forms of Lava and the freedom and colors of Birds. Margot also works on a ceramic story about the growth; Cocoons and a tale about Faded Flowers. During her 2 year working period in Suriname 2017-2018, her fascination for the various growing stages of tropical fruits brought her latest collection ‘Suriname’ to light.

When working on a collection, Margot always chooses natural themes and does extensive research into its manifestations. When designing and creating with her hands she is intuitively guided by the aesthetics of nature and the characteristics of the used material. She starts with a so-called ‘archetype object’. Other products in the same idiom follow naturally.

Much attention is paid to the choice of the right materials and the course of the production process. For ceramics Margot chooses durable porcelain and stoneware. During production, clay and glaze are reused and the kiln is fired by green power. If possible Margot also uses the single firing technique.

All products are designed and handmade by Margot in her studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands